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Why Should I Buy Entertainment Insurance?

Recognizing that the needs of the entertainment industry and performers are different from the general consumer, we at International Corporate Benefits have a line of products designed specifically for them. Entertainers, performers and musicians have specific needs that the products for the general consumer can't supply. Our plans are tailored specially for their needs. We invite you to view below the plans for Event Cancellation and Non-Appearance coverage, Kidnap and Ransom, High Income Disability, Confidential Life coverage and group major medical insurance for domestic or international tours.

These are just a few of the types of plans covering several career threatening complications that we offer here at International Corporate Benefits. When you are dealing with celebrities, you never know what may happen. We offer hard to find plans, cost effective and sensible coverage that cover people in the entertainment industry. Give us a call and see how we can help insure you or your clients with the best possible coverage for any given situation.

Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap & Ransom and Detention Insurance has secretly existed for many years. We have determined that the public needs to know about this valuable coverage. International Kidnap/Detention and Crisis Assistance Coverage provides easy access and implementation. It can be arranged by an agent or broker. This product should be prescribed to personal and corporate clients, especially those who have international affiliations. The optional feature allows this plan to be tailored to a client's specifications. It is cost effective and sensible coverage.

Included with this coverage is access to skilled help from an internationally respected security force. This firm has experts on instant call to provide counter-terrorist efforts, negotiation, release and repatriation.


Confidential Third Party Life

Confidential Insurable Interest Life Insurance is a very interesting product. Your clients who depend on the income of another person are prospects for Confidential Insurable Interest Life Insurance. Without the knowledge or consent of the insured, a third party may purchase life insurance coverage to insure their financial loss in the event of the insured person's death. Persons who may be unavailable, uncooperative, or reluctant to apply for conventional life insurance can be insured quickly and easily in a confidential manner.

Appropriate for: Performance agreements • Business agents • Personal managers • Investors • Divorce settlements • Child support • Pledges • Unpaid loans



People in the entertainment industry are denied adequate disability protection by domestic insurance companies. Starcover was created to provide badly needed coverage for actors, musicians, stunt-people, producers, directors and people in other occupations of the entertainment industry.

Starcover provides disability benefits in cases of: Loss of sight • Loss of Speech • Loss of Hearing • Temporary Total Disability • Career Ending Disability • Non-Appearance • Disfigurement • Transplant Operations • Dismemberment

Perfect for: Personal Disability, Contract or Performance Insurance, Loss of Services Indemnification



Event Cancellation

Special contingencies are most often prescribed to entertainers, but we find many uses for this coverage in the business world each day. Event Cancellation and Non-Appearance Insurance coverage is used to indemnify the expenses incurred in preparation for an event. This could be a concert, business convention, rally, or any type of special event that is dependent upon an individual, group or even the weather.

Coverage can include: Unavoidable travel delays • Death • Sickness • Accident • Acts of nature • Civil unrest • Fire damage • Postponement • Relocation • No-show by a key performer



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